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Finally... a physician who appreciates the value of Hormonal - Restoration for patients who desire a lifetime strategy of Youthful - Aging and Health - Optimization!

With over 20 years of experience, Board-Certified physician Gary D. Ott, MD, is located in Brentwood, Los Angeles as well as West Hills, CA.
He specializes in Hormone - Restoration and Youthful - Aging, changing the lives of both Men and Women. His treatment programs are designed for increased energy, strength, and weight loss. Patients return to us, reporting better moods, memory, and metal clarity. His patients experience restored libido, improved relationship, and enjoy feeling younger, healthier and happier again.

Dr. Ott's approach to care is innovative and comprehensive. Beyond his passion for Hormonal - Restoration and Youthful - Aging, He has developed expertise in Minimally - Invasive Robotic - Surgery. Additionally, He holds several patents for advanced Surgical Instrumentation. For comprehensive care from a physician that is dedicated to assisting patients reach Health - Optimization and Youthful aging. We look forward to scheduling your initial consultation, Today at:
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